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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Who's Ready for an Adventure?!

Tardis Card
Hop aboard the Tardis, and hang on for dear life! This entry is for all my marvellous geek friends and family. Without you my life would be rather dull.

I designed this card entirely from scratch. Each colour is its own layer, and is cut out separately. The only layer I could not cut out is the sign on the door (the letters were too small and tore), so I configured a print-and-cut file for the sign. The card is merely six inches tall, and it was more than a little complicated to assemble! The next time I cut this file I will make a larger card, for sure.

I have uploaded all the individual files as .png files below. Please feel free to recreate this card!

Card Front - 1 of 9
Frame - 3 of 9

Card Template - 2 of 9
Sign (print and cut edge) - 4 of 9

Grill for Light - 6 of 9

Light - 5 of 9

Windows - 9 of 9

Police Box Sign Backing - 7 of 9
Police Box Sign - 8 of 9


  1. You blow me away Jean!! This is wonderful!!

  2. Thanks Heidi. It was really time-consuming, but ever so fun! Nerd much?

  3. I am really wanting to make this card for my husband for his upcoming birthday but I am having trouble converting the png files over so that I can cut on the Cameo, any advice you can give me?

  4. Hi Jeanne Ann,

    I am so sorry for the late response. It has been a little crazy around here for the past several weeks! If you have the designer edition of Studio you can open the png files with the Studio program and use the trace function to recreate the files. If you don't have the designer edition you can still recreate the files just by using your drawing tools and the measurements indicated on the files. I hope this didn't come too late.

    Jeannie LaFaye

  5. Jeannie

    Are the files for this still available? I can't seem to find them and would love to make this card for my daughter's birthday.

    Thank you!